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What to expect from coaching:

Every professional coach has a personal and unique style of coaching. 

I use the co-active model of coaching which means that the coach and client are active collaborators.  In co-active coaching, our relationship is an alliance between equals for the purpose of meeting your agenda. Your ability to fully empower the coaching relationship (as opposed to me as your coach) is critical to your maximal success.

There are four cornerstones that form the foundation of co-active coaching:

My clients are naturally creative, resourceful and whole!
You have the answers or can find the answers.  From my point of view, nothing is wrong or broken and there is nothing to “fix.”  I ask questions that create the channel for self-discovery.

I address my client’s whole life.
The choices you make during the day, no matter how trivial they seem, contribute to creating a life that is more (or less) fulfilling.  They contribute to a more effective life process or to a process that is less effective.  Your professional decisions impact your personal life and your personal decisions impact your professional life.
The agenda comes from the client.
In a co-active coaching relationship, the agenda comes from you, the client, not me, the coach.  The coaching relationship is entirely focused on getting the results you want, so you set the agenda.  My role is to make sure the agenda doesn’t get lost, and to make sure you are always steering toward a life of fulfillment and balance.

The relationship is a designed partnership.
In co-active coaching, the power is granted to the coaching relationship – not to the coach.  You and I work together to design a partnership that meets your needs and fits your working and learning styles.  This process of designing the partnership is a model of our mutual responsibility for the success of the coaching process. In addition, should you decide to participate in a coaching group, we will create an alliance within the group for coaching circles.

Other assumptions and agreements that inform my coaching:

My expectation is to see your best.
When you decide to work with a coach, you declare a readiness to achieve a new level of personal and/or professional excellence.  I am prepared to support and champion you to reach for much more.  My role is to facilitate you discovering and eliminating the internal and external obstacles that get in your way of achieving success.

I make direct requests.
As your coach, I will help you forward your action by making direct requests, such as, “Will you commit to X by the end of the month?”  Or, “I challenge you to double what you say you can do.”  You can always accept, decline or make a counter offer.  No matter how you respond, I will always support you.

I give honest input.
In some cases, I will make specific suggestions on how to handle a situation or to pursue an opportunity.  I value honesty and will speak my truth and I expect you to speak yours.  If at any time something isn’t working for either one of us, it is our joint responsibility to address it immediately so the coaching relationship and your progress aren’t impeded.

I address your saboteur.
We all have that voice in us that tells us some version of “we are not enough.”  We are not smart enough, rich enough, thin enough.  We should do this, we should do that.  When this voice arises, I will ask you to explore it as the voice of your saboteur.  Bringing the saboteur into the light of day and disabling it allows you move forward with clarity.  We address the saboteur together, but I do not coach the saboteur and will work with you so that the voice of the saboteur takes a back seat to your true voice. 

My most powerful gift to you is my intuition.

When I hear a funny tone or hesitation in your voice, detect resistance or notice something isn’t “right,” I will ask you about it out of a place of curiosity and invite you to explore what it might mean.  Often, it is these moments that promote deeper self-discovery and provide a shift in thinking, feeling or behavior.  Our relationship based on trust supports seeing and saying the truth.